Hey there, Beauty Belle! Here at Harper Belle Beauty, we provide affordable, high-quality organic beauty products to the modern, sophisticated woman.

With our passion for all things beauty, we strive to develop stylish and useful products that you can incorporate into your beauty routine and make you feel more beautiful every day. We offer a thoughtful selection of organic beauty products and tools that you can feel good about using on your skin. No more yucky ingredients, just clean and natural beauty!

After years of working in the beauty world for some of the largest luxury brands, Harper Belle Beauty founder, Rachelle Riley, realized that many of these products were too expensive for many people. And not only that…most of them contained long lists of ingredients with words not easy to pronounce (which usually translates to ‘most likely harmful and not safe for your skin!’). Eager to find similar products at affordable prices, with better and safer ingredients, she realized it was easier said than done.

It was in that moment she decided to create her own company, offering high-end clean, organic beauty products made from quality materials and sold at prices that anyone could afford. Organic beauty products shouldn’t have to be expensive to be high-quality, fashionable and effective and that’s why Harper Belle Beauty was born.

Harper Belle Beauty is more than just a beauty company, its also about valuing and seeing beauty products as a means of self-care and wellness. Having experienced mental health challenges in the past, self-care rituals have helped our founder, Rachelle, feel beautiful and empowered again and that’s why we’ve made this a large focus in our overall mission.

Whether it’s taking some time to put on a face mask and relaxing with a good book, or exfoliating your skin in the bathtub, we aim to inspire ‘Beauty Belles’ just like you to practice self-care as a way to gain confidence and feel beautiful in your own skin. This is one of our big priorities and we hope our products help you live life beautifully!


Harper Belle Beauty xox